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One Step Above I.T. LLC will also provide you with numerous I.T. services

We offer a number of I.T. services to ensure network success for your business online infrastructure. Here is a listing of the services that we offer to help you better manage your business:

  • Hosting Services
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Remote Support
  • Onsite Support
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Network Design
  • Network Consultation
  • Network Security
  • Remote Conferencing
  • Care and Maintenance
Our Services

Hosting Services

Hosting or Web hosting services that include constructing your website with the domain of your company. We will manage your server, keep your backup, and provide online security of your website. We will also provide you with software maintenance and any sort of technical support.

Our Services

Cloud Hosting

This has been the most important and effective at these times when cloud meetings are on peak. Online work has increased and that is where we jump in to guide you on which product will be able to best serve your needs. In these times you need to sync your work and home devices to be able to access all your work easily on all your devices.

Amazon Web Services will help you with a secure cloud platform for all your data storage, content deliveries, and similar functions to help your businesses keep growing and never come to a halt.

Microsoft Azure will provide you with over 25 free services including a free account and trusted cloud services. It even provides you with networking, developer tools, cloud computing, data, and analysis and databases.

MS Office 365 is an online account that you can sync to all your devices, home or work laptop and your phone, or your tablet. No more USB or emailing files, just sign in to your account from any device and access and edit your work anywhere. It is even best if you are on the go. All you need is an internet connection and this software.

Our Services

Remote Support

You can even contact us over the call for remote support. We would be able to resolve your issue over the distance with access to your device from a distance. We fix your computer and software related problems that can be done without a personal visit to save your time and trouble of waiting for the technical person.

Our Services

Onsite Support

At times when the technical issues cannot be fixed over the distance, we even provide on-site support to resolve issues related to your computer. Our technical professionals will be at your doorstep at their earliest to resolve any issues that you are facing regarding the server, computer, or network.

Our Services

Cloud Migration

We will assist you in the process of moving your data, including your business affiliated documents, product details, clientele details, etc. from on-premises servers to a cloud computing system. This will make your data more manageable and accessible for you to work more effectively. It even gives you backups, hence you never lose essential data.

Our Services

Network Design

Network design includes a basic map of the network, specific to your business, that indicates the kind of network that is needed to serve you best. This represents a network diagram or a blueprint to install the network physically. The cabling structure along with the type of network devices, including router, servers, and switches and their placement is also a part of network designing.

Our Services


At OS Consulting firm, we know that the risks that are lingering in online business trading.

However, our professional IT consultants want to provide you with exceptional security along with a strong instant backup program. This helps you keep your business running smoothly, keeping it highly protected from interference of any malware. We promise to provide you protection and security from viruses, spams, and most importantly hackers. Our technical professionals will recommend ways to speed up your network at reduced costs of internet services. Initial network documentation is created, which is a blueprint of your entire network. This gives us the skeleton of your network. If need be, we can provide you a report in writing about the potential threats, which will be easy for you to comprehend.

Our Services

Network Security

Network security is of significant importance if your business activities are done online. Network security secures the business and your essential data. It manages access to the network and keeps an eye on the intruders that are potential threats to the system. Including hardware and software technologies, the network security stops the entrance and the spreading of any network threat on your computer and your system.

Our Services


In these times of fast pacing world, we provide you with online services that include conferencing with people all over the world at the same time at your personal or business premises.

Webinars (web seminars), webcasts and web-meetings are all forms of remote conferencing that we offer our clients. All businesses these days are involved with remote conferencing to convey their products and services to the larger population to attract more customers and clients. Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Uber Conference are some of the examples.

Our Services

Network Security

We are here to serve you and your business, we want you to run smoothly and focus on your business more.

We are here to resolve all your IT related issues. Feel free to contact us via call or email at any time of the day. Our technicians will be there in no time to assist you over the call or in person.

As per our policy of preventive maintenance, we would give you monthly visits to remove any minor network related glitches on your hardware or software and tune up your servers and systems to avoid any issues that might come up. This helps you running your bu siness smoothly as we would remove all potential errors that would arise if preventative care was not implemented.

Let us work harder so you can focus on your business and we can serve you better.

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